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Grab Your Nova Mandarins Before They’re Gone!

Discover the Delight of Nova Mandarins!
We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of the exquisite Nova variety, a premium mandarin from the lush orchards of South Africa. On July 6th, we received two containers—totaling 40 pallets or 516 boxes—of these delectable fruits at our warehouse. The response has been phenomenal, with over half of the shipment sold to eager customers by July 8th, just three days post-arrival!
Don’t Miss Out on Nova!
Due to the overwhelming demand, more shipments of Nova mandarins are on the way. However, they’re selling fast, and we want to ensure you have the opportunity to experience their exceptional taste. Be sure to act quickly to secure your share of this citrus delight.
Stay tuned for updates on new arrivals, and thank you for making Nova a sensational success!
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